Unique emotions in the mountains with a tailor-made private tour

Private tours are a concrete way to improve your way of observing and photographing.

Photographic experiences adapted to your needs, online and on the field.

The duration of private tours and tutoring can vary from a few hours to a week depending on your needs and time available.

Thanks to my skills, the tours are proposed in the Alps or on adventure terrain, but we can agree on the locations that interest you most.



The one2one tutoring is the best way to work on the concept of photography, following your own personal approach, the way of interpreting, telling and seeing.

In practice, these are private lessons in which you will be followed by a tutor moment by moment, staying focused on the topics on which the tour is based throughout the day.

Duration of private tours: from 4 hours to 6 days.
When: You decide, we will agree the dates together according to availability.
Destinations: We choose them together in Northern Italy.
Topics: With over 20 years of experience we can choose a wide range of topics and build the program together.

Tutoring arguments

Analysis | Vision | Inspiration | Interpretation | Composition | Time and space
Tools | Shooting

Technique | Specific techniques for night photography | Using photographic filters

Panoramic and gigapixel photography | Photography and mountaineering | Photographic reportage at high altitude

Cultural reportage in the mountains | Sports photography in the mountains

In addition, in the 2-day formula:
Evaluation and selection of own photographs | Creating a portfolio | Basic Bibliography

Le formulas

Formula 1 day
10 hours total

2 day formula
20 total hours
Overnight in the refuge

Pre and post tutoring activities (both formulas)

Pre – Before the meeting, the participant can (must) send a mini-portfolio for an initial assessment of the type of vision and interpretation.
He will also have the possibility of a pre-interview with the tutor via skype (preferably) to discuss the portfolio sent and the setting of the tutoring.

Post – At the end of the tutoring, for the next two months, the participant will have the opportunity to continue the process started online, by submitting questions and photos, to receive comments and advice aimed at consolidating what they have learned during the tutoring.


Private tour one day: 450€

(daily costs divisible between participants, excluding travel / food for the master and participants).

Private tour for 2 or more days: 330€ / day

(daily costs divisible between participants, excluding travel / food for the master and participants).


Richiedi informazioni e prenota il tuo tutoraggio personalizzato

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The tutor will contact you shortly to answer your request, show you the best educational path for your needs, organize the appointment.